I am a Freelance Creative Director and visual artist with expertise in VR/AR, cinematic sequences, motion design, immersive world-building, virtual avatars, digital fashion and XR music performances.
In 2021, I produced a title design sequence for the 1.4 Awards via the Electric Theatre Collective.
I have facilitated virtual fashion exhibitions, XR music shows, and managed spaces in the Metaverse for The Immersive KIND, an XR art Collective. 
To celebrate PRIDE 2022, we broadcast to Piccadilly Circus in a world first collaboration between the Metaverse and a digital outdoor billboard.
In December 2022, I created the promotional trailer for Bing Crosby’s Winter Wonderland in DecentraLand brought to you by Vegas City.
In April 2023, my work was displayed on TSX Entertainment’s 18,000-square foot LED billboard in Times Square, to celebrate NFT.NYC 2023.
Recently I have worked with Bravo Media, Dash radio, Spaghetti Labs, DecentraSound, Meta gallery, Iexperience and artdott.
I utilise Cinema4D, Unreal Engine 5, Unity, Blender, Adobe after effects and Premier Pro to bring my ideas to life.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at danny@dannymcvisuals.com

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